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Turmeric Paste vs Healtheries

The Golden Paste Health Phenomenon

You’ve probably heard all about the amazing health benefits Turmeric has to offer. But is it as simple as merely popping one of the many turmeric supplement pills on offer? Is this effective and if not, is there a better option for consuming and digesting Turmeric to ensure you are indeed gaining the maximum from turmeric’s powerful healing properties, both curative and preventative.

And are you aware that curcumin capsule supplements are a concentrated extract of only one turmeric active compound (admittedly, a key active compound) which may pose a health risk from long-term high intake, for example, suspected liver damage from high dosages of concentrate curcumin extracts.

The Difference between Turmeric Capsules/ Supplements and “Turmeric Golden Paste”

There is some convenience in simply popping a capsule, tablet or other, the likes of  Healtheries Capsules, Good Health Capsules, Solgar Softgels, Go Health Caps, Sanderson Tablets, Nature’s Way Vita Gummies, The Good Vitamin Co Chewables, Bioglan Curcumin, Turmerix Capsules, All Blacks Opti-Turmeric, Everyday Health Capsules, Red Seal Turmeric and High Strength Capsules often sold at pharmacies such as Bargain Chemists, Chemist Warehouse, Unichem and Life Pharmacies and iHerb

But are these delivering the real health benefits that Turmeric’s powerful healing properties have to offer? Is a curcumin supplement equivalent or better than a turmeric supplement? And what’s with all the hype about Dr Doug’s now famous Golden Paste recipe? Here we have the straightforward answers, whilst accurate health evidence according to the latest clinical trials and research studies can be found here.

The most important point is that many Turmeric capsules, pills, gummies, tonics and drinks are not very effective and therefore often a waste of money and not delivering on Turmeric’s true health potential, the key reason being the active compounds like curcuminoids found in Turmeric are not easily retained within and absorbed by the body without assistance.

It is proven, Turmeric must be combined with black pepper (Piperine), a healthy oil and should be heated with water (cooked) to be truly effective.

Turmeric is not water-soluble and cannot be absorbed via the same pathways as water-based foods. So, it must be combined with a healthy fat, like Extra Virgin Olive oil, to dissolve the Turmeric in the stomach to allow the body to absorb the active components. Turmeric without an oil is ineffective.

Piperine found in Black Pepper slows the conversion of Curcumin (a key active compound in Turmeric) in the small intestine thereby increasing retention in the body and allowing more time for absorption and therefore a far larger uptake. Turmeric without Piperine will not stay in the gut long and so won’t have a high absorption rate. The Golden Paste recipe includes adding freshly ground pepper at the end process of cooking to ensure maximum Piperine, retention in the body and therefore highest absorption.

Turmeric needs to be heated with water. Studies show that cooking Turmeric increases its solubility in water, it also breaks down the starches found in Turmeric before the digestion process starts which means more active ingredients are available for absorption than raw or powdered Turmeric.

Golden Paste is a proven recipe to ensure maximum retention and absorption to reap all the incredible healing properties and health benefits Turmeric has to offer.

This breakthrough recipe for “Golden Paste” was formulated by Doctor Doug English, an Australian veterinarian after years of research and development on his animal patients whereby the placebo effect cannot apply, delivering true results. He discovered that when formulated correctly, not only does Turmeric deliver amazing healing results but it also prevents illness due to its powerful anti- inflammatory properties.

Doctor Doug English researched and experimented with different techniques and recipes to gain the maximum Turmeric absorption as he was aware the active compounds of Turmeric like Curcuminoids are not easily absorbed by the body without assistance.

After years of extensive research, he developed the “Golden Paste” formulae to maximize absorption and effect. He discovered that in order for Turmeric to be really effective, it must be in the right ratios and processed correctly. Cooking with water, adding freshly ground pepper and taken with a healthy fat is a must for proper gut absorption and bio-availability. That is why so many other supplements and pills available are ineffectual.

Plus, there’s more; Turmeric Golden Paste is also the Best Curcumin Supplement

Turmeric is the rhizome of the Curcuma Longa plant. Curcumin is just one of three active curcuminoids found in Turmeric, so by only having a Curcumin supplement you are missing out on all the other pharmacological benefits of Turmeric including Turmerones.

Whole fruits and vegetables possess valuable properties and should be eaten in their whole original form. To extract Bromelain and make it into a supplement is never as healthy as eating a pineapple. To extract Curcumin is never as healthy as eating the whole Turmeric.

The extraction of Curcumin as a substitute for Turmeric is often processed by large pharmaceutical companies so they can add certain components and patent pills and supplements. In reality, Turmeric has been used for thousands of years in Ayurveda traditional medicines.

High concentration capsules of Curcumin are often far higher than the body can use and no research on long term health risks are available. Whereas Turmeric is not a drug but an ancient superfood that can be consumed daily for your whole lifespan.

Ready-Made, No Mess Turmeric Golden Paste

There are currently only three substantial Golden Paste producers in the world, Golden Turmeric in Australasia, The Golden Paste Company out of the UK and Pranjali Turmeric Paste in the USA.

Golden Turmeric produces Turmeric Golden Paste in two variants, for People and their Pets and currently distributes from New Zealand into Australia and the United States, and, their Turmeric Golden Paste has a few extra healthy ingredients including Apple Cider Vinegar with The Mother, Ginger or Ceylon Cinnamon.

There are alternative products manufactured within these same principles such as DR Doug’s Turmeric Life Range. And under more extreme circumstances, like with Cancers, a curcumin extract supplement may be taken in conjunction with Golden Paste but it is highly advisable to seek professional medical advice. For more insight, it’s best to join the Facebook Original Turmeric User Group with nearly 300 000 members and highly knowledgeable moderators.

A final important point is that even with this vastly improved Golden Paste bio-availability formulae, because of turmeric’s ‘resistance’ to retention and absorption in the body, it should be taken more regularly in smaller doses rather than ‘popping a pill’.

Golden Paste is a combination of natural Turmeric, a healthy fat and pepper. It is slowly cooked to form a paste which is ideal and flexible for consuming smaller amounts more often. Turmeric Golden Paste is easily taken directly off a teaspoon or added to smoothies, your favourite dishes like curries and stews or added to your choice of warmed milk to make “Golden Milk”.